About the Trust...

Douglas Bay Tramway Heritage Trust is an Isle of Man charity established to help promote and support the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway, its draught horses and its historic tramcars, with a focus on advancing education through conservation.

Queens Promenade, Douglas, c.1910

Advancing education...
The continued operation of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway as a heritage transport service with publicly accessible stables allows the public to experience, first hand, the real-life workings of the earliest form of urban mass-public transport system -  the horse-drawn urban street tramway

The public are able to:
  • travel on Victorian & Edwardian era horse-drawn tramcars in an urban street environment;
  • access and explore the still-in-use historic transport stables;
  • meet and interact with a large number of draught horses;
  • view interpreted tramway artefacts on display;
  • see traditional crafts and skills being applied and demonstrated;
  • learn about the history and operation of the Horse Tramway, the development of the horse-drawn tramcar and the use of horses as working animals.
It also helps to preserve the traditional crafts and skills necessary for the operation of a horse tramway with vintage wooden-bodied tramcars.

The continued participation of the Tram Horses in traditional draught horse events and activities like agricultural shows and field ploughing serves to educate the public about specific draught horse breeds and their handling, uses and conservation.

Our aims and objectives...
By providing financial and other assistance, the aims and objectives of the Trust are to help:
  • increase public interest in and knowledge about the Horse Tramway and the use of horses as working animals in transport, industry and agriculture;
  • develop and maintain learning opportunities with both the operation of the Horse Tramway and the participation of Tram Horses in traditional draught horse events and activities;
  • conserve for public benefit items connected with the Horse Tramway which are of historical, architectural, engineering, scientific or cultural value;
  • make the operation of the Horse Tramway as a heritage transport service sustainable for the longer term.
If you support our aims and objectives and would like to help us with a donation, please visit our Make a Donation page for information on how you can donate. You can also Sponsor a Trammer online. The Trust is registered as a public charity in the Isle of Man (No.1238).
'Toastrack' No.12 with now-retired Mark at Derby Castle (2016) 

'Trammers' participating in vintage ploughing events