About the Trust...

Douglas Bay Tramway Heritage Trust is an Isle of Man charity established to help promote and support the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway, its draught horses and its historic tramcars, with a focus on advancing education through heritage conservation.

Queens Promenade, Douglas, c.1910

Our aims and objectives...
Lower (original) Washyard - 
Summer Hill Tramway Stables (2017)
By providing financial and other assistance, the principle aims of Douglas Bay Tramway Heritage Trust are:
  • to increase public interest in and knowledge about the Horse Tramway and the historical use of horses as working animals in transport, industry and agriculture;
  • to help develop and maintain a secure and sustainable future for the Horse Tramway as a heritage transport service and educational visitor attraction;
  • to conserve tramcars, equipment, uniform, records, ephemera and other items connected with the Horse Tramway that are of historical and other defined values for sharing with the public.
'Toastrack' Tramcar No.12 with Mark at Derby Castle (2016) 
Examples of where the Trust may provide assistance include: 
  • online news and information services, publications;
  • feed, supplements, bedding and harness for the horses;
  • educational signage and displays; promotional materials;
  • restoration or refurbishment of historic tramcars;
  • transportation of Tram Horses to ploughing matches and agricultural shows, and the provision of necessary equipment;
  • collection, interpretation and public display of Tramway heritage items;
  • veterinary treatment and medicines for the horses.

If you support our aims and would like to help us with a donation, please visit our Make a Donation page for information on how you can donate. The Trust is registered as a charity in the Isle of Man (No.1238).

'Toastrack' Tramcar No.42 undergoing restoration
'Trammers' participating in vintage ploughing events