Conserving Historic Tramcars...

A total of fifty-one tramcars have operated on the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway since its opening in 1876. Click here to view our Historic Tramcar Listing.

We are fortunate in that some twenty-five of those cars, in both original form and converted types, have survived to the present day. A number are in museum or private ownership and some are in very poor condition.
The Isle of Man Government (as owner / operator of the horse tramway since 2016) acquired thirteen historical tramcars for future tramway services - a representative selection of design types and some with historical association - all of which will be undergoing restoration or refurbishment over a period of time.

The Trust is raising funds to help with the conservation of these historic horse-drawn tramcars for either future use on the tramway or public display. We are particularly keen to support restoration / reinstatement of original features which have been lost over time (e.g. driver stop bells, foot gongs, lamp housings, destination boards, early period advertisements), accurate historical liveries and display interpretation.  
Please help us by making a donation to our Tramcars Support Fund.

To learn more about the Horse Tramway's historic tramcars, click here.

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