Supporting the Tram Horses...
The Trust raises money for a number of causes including to help support the upkeep, welfare and promotion of the Tramway's team of magnificent Clydesdale and Shire horses, as well as their continued participation in traditional draught horse activities like agricultural shows and vintage ploughing events.

There are a wide range of supplies and services required to support the Tram Horses throughout the year, including:
  • Feed & Dietary Supplements
  • Salt & Mineral Licks
  • Flooring Mats & Bedding
  • Grooming & Conditioning Products
  • Medicines, Veterinary & Dentistry Services
  • Education & Promotion Materials
  • Rugs, Harness, Collars & Tack
  • Shoes, Nails & Farrier Services
  • Stabling Equipment
  • Transportation
Please help by making a kind donation to our Tram Horses Support Fund.

To learn more about the Tram Horses and to view a gallery of current and recent Trammers, click here.

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