Restoring Tramcar No.32

The Trust is raising money for a number of causes including to help with the restoration of 'Sunshade' Tramcar No.32 to near original design, condition and livery as part of the Tramway's designated "Museum Fleet".

Tramcar No.32 was the first of six tramcars of this type built by G F Milnes & Co of Birkenhead and delivered to the Douglas Bay Tramway in 1896.

The design followed that of previous open 'Toastracks' but with the addition of a lightweight wooden canopy with side awnings.

The Tramcar was originally fitted with paraffin lamp housings at each end, driver foot gongs, pull-cord stop bells, and slatted swing-over backrest panels on the cross-bench seats, which also had lined-out end panels and brass safety guard rails as seen in the accompanying photograph c.1902.

The current glazed end panels are not an original feature, they were fitted by Douglas Corporation in 1967. The Tramcar remains in its original length form with only 8 cross-bench seats, providing space for 32 seated passengers, and is currently fitted with 'wrap-around' advertisement panels.

Please help by making a donation to our Tramcar No.32 Restoration Fund.

If for any unforeseen reason we are unable to support the restoration of Tramcar No.32, your donation may be used by the Trustees to support conservation of another historic Douglas Bay Tramway tramcar.

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