Sponsor-a-Trammer Scheme

posted 8 Feb 2019, 03:38 by Douglas Bay Tramway HT   [ updated 11 Feb 2019, 08:56 ]
The Trust has launched an online £12 sponsorship scheme to help support the upkeep, welfare and promotion of the Tramway's large team of Clydesdale and Shire draught horses. Sponsors receive an A5 colour 'Sponsor Card' for their sponsored Trammer which includes its photo and current profile information.

Sponsorship donations may assist with procuring a wide range of supplies and services for the Tram Horses including:
  • Fresh Vegetables, Feed & Dietary Supplements
  • Salt & Mineral Licks
  • Bedding
  • Grooming & Conditioning Products
  • Medicines, Veterinary & Dentistry Services
  • Education & Promotion Materials
  • Rugs, Harness, Collars & Tack
  • Shoes, Nails & Farrier Services
  • Transportation
Donations may also be used to support the continued participation of Trammers in traditional draught horse activities like attending Summer agricultural shows and Winter ploughing events.

For details, visit our Sponsor a Trammer page.