Sponsor a Trammer...
Sponsor-a-Trammer is a fundraising campaign run by the Trust to help support education and conservation initiatives relating to the Horse Tramway, its draught horses and its historic tramcars.

Unfortunately at the present time we are not in a position to invite new and renewal Trammer sponsorships, but we hope to continue to do so when the Horse Tramway's operation and visitor offering for 2021 and beyond have been determined by Isle of Man Transport.
Important Notice: Due to the present Covid-19 situation and the on-going works on the Douglas Promenades, the horse tramway is currently closed. Development and implementation of education and conservation initiatives in support of the horse tramway, its draught horses and historic tramcars are also on hold at the moment. The Trust therefore is not actively fundraising at the present time.
Rest assured, the upkeep and welfare of the tram horses remains fully provided for by the Isle of Man Government.

Advancing Education, Conserving Heritage...
Sponsorship monies and other unrestricted donations received by the Trust are pooled together and enable us to support a range of education and conservation initiatives relating to the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway, its draught horses and its historic tramcars, in areas where we believe assistance is appropriate and for the public benefit.

We're an education and conservation support charity. Some of the ways in which education may be 'advanced' in the context of the operation of an historic horse tramway are described in About the Trust, which also sets out our aims and objectives and highlights the range of initiatives that we've supported so far.

Trammer Retirements...

IOM Home of Rest for Old Horses
Trammers may retire or move on from the Tramway at any time of the year for reasons of age, health, ability to maintain fitness, enthusiasm for the work etc.

Should that happen for your sponsored Trammer within 3 months of your sponsorship commencing, you can ask us to transfer your sponsorship to another Trammer for the remainder of the sponsorship period.

Just drop us an email to that effect (with your contact details, the sponsor no. shown on your current Sponsor Card and your second choice of Trammer) to admin@horsetram.im and we'll do the rest, including send you a replacement 'Sponsor Card'.

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