Sponsor a Trammer for £12...

Sponsor a Trammer for £12 and help support the upkeep, welfare and promotion of the Douglas Bay Trammers, the Tramway's large team of Clydesdales, Shires and other draught horses.
Why not sponsor as a gift for a partner, family member or friend? 

We'll send you an A5 full-colour 'Sponsor Card' for your sponsored Trammer, which includes its photo and profile information.

The sponsorship period lasts up to 12 months, at the end of which we invite you by email to renew, or to sponsor another Trammer if, for example, your sponsored horse has retired or moved on from the Tramway.

We don't want any of the Tram Horses to miss out or feel un-loved, so sponsorship donations are pooled together in our Tram Horses Fund which is used to support all of the Tram Horses. Scroll down to view the 'How your sponsorship can help' section below.

On behalf of all the Trammers, thank you for your support.

How to Sponsor... 
  • Use the Trammer portrait gallery above to help you choose.
  • Select the Trammer's name in the selection box below.
  • Enter the Sponsor's Name you would like shown on your 'Sponsor Card'.
  • Click the Pay Now button.
A secure online payment gateway provided by PayPal will open for you to set up and make your sponsorship donation of £12 using a debit / credit card or PayPal.  To view our privacy policy first, click here.