Books & Publications...

Want to know more about the history and operation of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway? 

The following books and publications will be found of general historical interest and reference: 
  • Douglas Corporation Horse Trams, Harry Constantine, 1976, Douglas Corporation
  • Isle of Man Tramways, Norman Jones, 1994, Foxline Publishing
  • Douglas Horse Trams in Colour, Norman Johnston, 1995, Colourpoint Press
  • The Douglas Horse Tramway, Keith Pearson, 1999, Adam Gordon Publishing
  • Trains & Trams of the Isle of Man, Barry Edwards, 2010, Lily Publications
  • Douglas Bay Horse Tramway, Grant Taylor 2016, Isle of Man Railways
  • One Horse Power, Barry Edwards, 2018, Lily Publications
Please visit your preferred local bookshop to enquire on availability of more recent publications, or search online for out-of-print and secondhand copies.