Douglas Bay Tramway Heritage Trust

New Strathallan Tramcar Depot

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The continuing operation of the historic Douglas Bay Horse Tramway and its associated transport stables allows the public to experience, first hand, the real-life workings of the earliest form of urban mass-public transit system:  the horse-drawn urban street tramway.

Douglas Bay Tramway Heritage Trust is an Isle of Man charity helping to promote the Horse Tramway, to conserve its heritage and to develop the attraction and experience for passengers and visitors.

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Northern Terminus at Derby Castle

The Tramway

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway is the oldest horse-drawn passenger tramway to remain in service anywhere in the World, having opened in 1876.

The Tramway still uses its Victorian & Edwardian era tramcars and stables to provide the unique heritage transport service up and down the seafront Promenades of Douglas, capital of the Isle of Man.

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Along the Route

Tramway Stables at Summer Hill

The Trammers 

A large team of heavy draught horses known locally as 'trammers' are employed by the Tramway to provide the heritage transport service.

During the operating season, the working horses reside in the Tramway's original historic stables dating from 1877, where the public can visit the 'trammers' and learn all about their lives.

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Inside Strathallan Tramcar Depot

The Tramcars

A fleet of historic tramcars operate the horse-drawn transport service, a selection of open-sided roofed and un-roofed cross-bench cars, enclosed saloons and a double-decker.

When not out on the Promenades, the tramcars are housed in the new purpose-built Strathallan Tramcar Depot which is open to the public on selected dates.

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The 'Little Stables' Exhibition Room
Trammers attending a local themed event