Books & Other Publications

Want to know more about the history and operation of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway or the Upper Douglas Cable Tramway?

The following books and publications will be found of interest for historical reference:

  • Isle of Man Tramways, Keith Pearson, 1970, David & Charles

  • Douglas Corporation Horse Trams, Harry Constantine, 1976, Douglas Corporation

  • Cable Tram Days, Keith Pearson, 1977, Douglas Cable Car Group

  • Discovering Isle of Man Horse Trams, Harry Constantine, 1977, Manxman Publications

  • Isle of Man Tramways, Norman Jones, 1994, Foxline Publishing

  • Douglas Horse Trams in Colour, Norman Johnston, 1995, Colourpoint Press

  • Double Century, Stan Basnett & Keith Pearson, 1996, Adam Gordon

  • The Douglas Horse Tramway, Keith Pearson, 1999, Adam Gordon Publishing

  • Trains & Trams of the Isle of Man, Barry Edwards, 2010, Lily Publications

  • Douglas Bay Horse Tramway - Souvenir Guide, Grant Taylor, 2016, Isle of Man Transport

  • One Horse Power, Barry Edwards, 2018, Lily Publications

  • Douglas Bay Horse Tramway - Behind The Scenes, Barry Edwards, 2022, Isle of Man Transport

Please visit your preferred local bookshop to enquire on availability of more recent publications, or search online for out-of-print and secondhand copies.