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The day-to-day upkeep and welfare of the tram horses and operation and maintenance of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway presently are publicly funded by the Isle of Man Government in support of the Island's heritage and tourism offering.

The Heritage Trust raises separate charitable funds to support projects and initiatives that we believe will help:

We're not able to offer individual tram horse sponsorships or adoptions at the present time.  Our apologies for any disappointment.

However, you can choose 'Tram Horse' initiatives (or 'Tramcar' initiatives) as a preferred donation purpose when making an online donation using the Make a Donation button below.

Making a more general donation to the Heritage Trust enables us to provide support in areas where we believe assistance is appropriate and for the public benefit.  

We are an education and heritage conservation support charity.

Some of the ways in which education and heritage may be 'advanced' in the context of the operation of an historic horse tramway are described in About the Trust which also sets out our aims and objectives and highlights some of the initiatives that we've recently supported.

A single online donation of £10* or more qualifies for a thank you gift - please see below.

Donate Online 

You can make a donation online with a debit / credit card or PayPal account. Click on the Make a Donation button to open a secure payment gateway and follow the instructions. You can optionally choose a preferred donation purpose during the payment process. To view our privacy policy first, click here.

IMPORTANT: The secure payment gateway is provided by online payment service provider PayPal. You will need to tick the consent box to allow PayPal to share your postal address with us if you wish to receive a qualifying thank-you gift (see below). Unfortunately we are not able to accept notice of postal address information separately or at a later date.

Donate in Person

Please visit the Stables when the Tramway is operating. A member of staff will be pleased to direct you to our on-site donation collection box.

You will also have the opportunity to view the Exhibition Room and to meet some of the Clydesdale, Shire and other breeds of draught horses. 

Thank-You Gifts

If you make a single online donation of £10* or more to the Trust and at the same time provide us with your postal address, we will send you a set of four A5 colour Picturecards published by the Trust.

If your donation is £20+ or more, we will also send you a copy of the 36-page Douglas Bay Horse Tramway souvenir guide booklet shown.

[*£12 and +£22 if your postal address is outside of the United Kingdom / Isle of Man.]

Thank-you gifts normally are sent within 5 working days after receiving the qualifying donation monies with valid postal address information.

These are limited period offers which may be withdrawn at any time and are subject to our available stock of the offered gift items.  Picturecards no.1 to no.4 have been published to date.